Perigee Token [PGT] ICO

One PGT is meant to represent $1.00 on the PerigeeTrader platform. 50% will be made available to the public, 20% will be reserved for exchange liquidity and 30% will be retained by PerigeeTrader for business activities.

PoS yield will be 50% of PerigeeTrader’s revenue, distributed weekly. Once PoS yields are being paid we’ll go to a mint and burn model to keep the price at $1.

ICO Pricing is as follows. Each round is 1 million tokens. Once the first round is sold out the price will move to the second tier, etc.

First round: $0.10 – Marketing Site, One MVP feature
Second round: $0.20 – Genesis Block, Two additional features
Third round: $0.35 – Wallet & initial distribution, Three additional features
Fourth round: $0.55 – Public beta, PoS starts
Last round: $0.85 – Launch

Contact us on discord for more information. Additional details, wallet and exchange information will be added shortly.

I’m just one developer with a family and a day job working on this until the second round, when I can start to hire, so please have some patience.